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Dynamic, Funny Motivational Speaker

If one of your aims for your meeting or conference is to help your attendees deal with these stressful times, you want a keynote speaker with experience and up-to-date content. What if you could find a fun motivational keynote speaker who would engage your participants with laughter and audience participation while delivering his message?

Jeff Justice is the perfect keynote speaker with a combination of rich content and great clean humor. He will connect with your audience and leave them laughing, motivated and better able to deal with the daily onslaught of stress in their lives. Read More

How to Use Humor Appropriately and Effectively in Business Presentations

If you need someone to teach your leadership or management team basic presentation skills or how to put together a presentation, boy are you in the wrong place! But, if your participants know the basics and feel that using humor effectively in a presentation will help them get their message across plus keep their audience engaged, then you’re in the right place. Read More

Funny Emcee-Master of Ceremonies

What separates Jeff from all the other emcees is his unique ability to create humor on the spot from what the audience just heard from their speakers moments earlier. Jeff will sit in your audience throughout your event listening to your speakers and creating clean, appropriate humor from what they say. Read More