Twelve Ways To Keep From Bombing

OK, I misled you a little. The only way to keep from ever bombing using humor is…Not to use it! Of course if you do not use it most likely your program will bomb. Even though no one can make your humor bomb proof I promise you that if you follow my twelve ways to keep from bombing you will have the best chance of hitting a home run with your humor.

1. Never announce that you are going to do a joke.
2. Never apologize for telling a joke.
3. Prepare.
4. Make sure the joke is relevant to your subject. Never force humor on your audience
5. Never do sexist, ethnic, religious, political, racist jokes or blue humor.
6. Never embellish or stretch out a joke.
7. Always research your audience.
8. Make sure your punch line is delivered clearly and with energy.
9. Don’t laugh all the way through telling the joke.
10. Never put down the city you’re in or the group you’re talking to.
11. Add some humor that pokes fun at yourself.
12. Make sure you make a connection between you and your audience.