VIDEO – Creative Solutions for Virtual Office Challenges

Video by Jeff Justice and Gail Geary

Are you part of a growing number of corporate teleworkers and small business entrepreneurs who work from your home office? If so you face a unique set of challenges ranging from feeling “isolated” to dealing with houseguests who have overstayed their welcome.

Creative Solutions is a self-guided video series developed by Jeff Justice and Gail Geary to help you eliminate paper clutter, organize & harmonize your virtual office, deal with technology challenges, & finish your work with time to spare. Videos, workbooks and tests for one hour of CEU or CPE credits per video.

You’ll Learn:

How to maximize the benefits of working at home.
5 ways to avoid feeling “Isolated.”
What to do when you are challenged by technology.
3 ways to avoid becoming a workaholic.
Solutions for spill-over of business & personal time.
How to overcome paper clutter.
Creative systems for managing distractions and interruptions.

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