Court Reporter CEU – April 11, 2015 – Itasca, IL

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Live Seminar April 11, 2015

in Itasca, IL


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Holiday Inn 

860 W. Irving Park Rd


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10 credits in One Laugh-Packed Day


  • “Easy Solutions to Difficult Situations”: Anita Paul 
  • “Anita’s Best of the Best”: Anita Paul 
  • “Transcription Tales”: Carrie Pique
  • “Stopping Stress Before it Stops You”: Jeff Justice 

The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Getting Your CEUs

Providing fun content-driven programs for court reporters since 1995! Approved for 10 hours of credit by MOCRA, ILCRA and NCRA.


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The Live Programs (April 11)

Session 1

Title: “Easy Solutions to Difficult Situations” 

Time: 2 hours

Presenter: Anita Paul

If you haven’t heard of Anita Paul, where have you been?  Best known for her outstanding workshops on Realtime, she is also great at dealing with difficult people, and is a certified life coach. She will show you what does and doesn’t work so you look as professional as possible.

Anita is the author of many books and CD training series and is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) which is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To teach reporters how to handle difficult situations, what others do, and winning  techniques to use to interrupt so that professionalism and clarity prevail.

Specific Seminar topics:

  • Fast talkers
  • Mumblers, can’t hear
  • People speaking all at once
  • Difficult accents to understand
  •  Not enough breaks

Often times reporters do not know how to handle difficulties. Anita will offer several strategies to master how to handle difficult situations with professionalism and clarity.

Session 2

Title: “Anita’s Best of the Best”
Time: 2 hours
Presenter: Anita Paul

Learning Objectives:

   You will become a better writer by learning Anita’s most effective writing strategies.

Specific Topics:

  • Conflicts
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Numbers
  • Alphabets
  • “Smart Strokes” and instant shortcuts
  • Dictionary cleanup and maintenance

All court reporters can use time-saving writing tips to reduce editing time, even if they are not interested in Realtime.  Of course clean writing is essential for those who want to embrace Realtime, broadcast captioning, or CART.  Quick. easy writing tips will aid in making the court reporter’s life easier and slash editing time 50 to 75%.  They will learn well organized, methodical systems to create cleaner transcripts



Anita has been a certified court reporter since 1974.   She served as an official in the Los Angeles municipal and superior courts for over 17 years, became a freelancer in 1992, and during her 17 years as an official taught court reporting at night school for about 12 years. In 1991, she was instrumental in creating the first complete CIC (computer integrated courtroom) in the state of California, including video synchronization.  During that time Anita developed her passion for Realtime and quality Realtime skills as she reported back-to-back Realtime dailies with her partner for over a year.

In 1992, Anita combined her expertise and extensive Realtime theory research to create Anita Paul Realtime Seminars and Workshops, a subsidiary of Anita Paul International. Her company provides inspirational and content-driven Realtime workshops, seminars, keynotes, peak performance strategies, and attorney presentations.  Anita has held her presentations in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Asia, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and of course the United States.  Anita has successfully presented at numerous NCRA and state conventions and has provided extensive trainings for local, state, national, and international governmental agencies.

Anita has written books, produced numerous tape and CD training series, and has expanded her Realtime workshops to include seminars on advancing technologies, transition to C.A.R.T. Broadcast Captioning, and an effective seminar for attorneys on creating an exceptional record. In 2007 Anita achieved the highest speaking honor one can earn in the National Speakers Association, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.


Session 3

Title: “Transcription Tales”  

Time 3 hours

Presenter: Carrie Pique, CSR

Carrie will show the working court reporter how to master grammar and punctuation, and she will take you to the next level in this program by covering how punctuation can make sentences read differently.  You will practice proofreading proficiently and learn to compose a competent transcript with confidence.  Let’s rid the rubbish out of our transcripts.

Specific Topics:

• Proofreading excerpt transcripts

• Showing how How punctuation can save lives; e.g. Let’s eat, Grandma instead of Let’s eat grandma

• Clarifying usage of homonyms, synonyms, antonyms

• Marking exhibits properly, certifying questions, inserting parentheticals

• Researching materials for medical and technical depositions


After taking this course, reporters will feel more confident transcribing their transcripts.  They will have a greater understanding of accurately composing a well created readable transcript.  The reporters will have fun while brushing up on their transcription skills.


Carrie Pique, CSR has been a working reporter in the State of Illinois since 1999.  She has worked for a large agency,

smaller agency and is currently running a small agency.


Session 4

Session Title: “Stopping Stress Before it Stops You”
Time: 3 hours
Presenter: Jeff Justice. CSP

If you’ve ever attended one of Jeff’s programs then you know how much fun getting your CEUs can be.  The session will introduce the concepts of stress management using humor.  It will contain the latest information available for coping with stressful situations that come up for reporters both at work and home.

I. You will discover

• The causes of mental and physical stress brought on from Court Reporting

• The effects of stress on their body

• Simple, practical tools for dealing with stress


II. The participants will learn how to:

• Reduce stress

• Break tension

• Stretch properly to prevent  job-related physical problems

• Deflect and defuse anger and hostility

• Reframe negative situations

• Deal with the negative side of life to which they are constantly exposed

• Take themselves lightly and their work seriously

• Reduce and prevent burnout


 About Jeff Justice, CSP

Jeff Justice has been presenting CEU approved seminars for Court Reporters since 1994.  His methods have received national attention and have been featured as a serious stress management tool on CNN and in numerous magazines.