Books Jeff Recommends

The Fast Start Guide by Steve Roye – $37 (includes tons of free stuff)

1982The Fast Start Guide by Steve Roye is a condensed version of his Killer Stand up ebook course that sells for around $147.

I use many of the methods and principles in this book in my own courses, especially my Level II. Steve knows his stuff and his book really helps you write lots of material in a nontraditional way.

How To Be Funny – $49.95

booksStanley does a great job with “How To Be Funny”. Has a lot of the basics of how and why things are funny. I learned stuff from this that I’m using and I’ve been teaching for almost twenty years! Check it out.

Make Women Laugh – $47

Now you have to be thinking, “Jeff, you’ve got to be kidding”! No I’m not. Many of the same principles that Martin lays out here work for writing good stand up and as a bonus they work on women or men. He also has some great bonuses. Give it a shot!